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Elevate Everyday is an organization created by Lyssin. The reasoning stemmed from the understanding that all people are gifted & created with purpose.


Unfortunately, most people never fully develop their gifts, and usually we do not use our gifts to fulfill our purpose. Our gifts were given to us to be used to carry out our purpose in life. A life lived without using our gifts for our purpose will only lead to an unfulfilled life.

At Elevate Everyday, we use our gifts to develop the gifts in others. Our gifts are not for us, they are for the world. We wake up everyday to not only share our gifts with the world, we also help others so that they may do the same and live a fulfilled life.

Elevate Everyday is a consortium consisting of multiple businesses, entrepreneurs, & talented creators/ individuals. Our outreach is involved in public schools, youth detention centers, churches, organized sports & several other facets of our community. It is our belief that by doing nothing about the problem, you become a part of the problem. We also provide counseling & hold fellowship on Saturdays in Cobb County ,GA.

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